“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.” - Howard Zinn

Our team managed to arrange partnerships in Ukraine with the Embassy of Ukraine itself, which has issued an official document on our support, as well as support from the Ukraine Vice Minister of Digitalization. Of course, we plan to have more and more partnerships in the future.

As you could hear in the video, we planned the Infinit Foundation later this year. However, due to the situation that arose in Ukraine, we suspended our activities concerning cryptocurrency, NFT, real estate tokenization, etc. (Overall whole idea behind Infinit) and we decided to move the foundation ahead of everything for the current period.

Together we can help




The Infinit Foundation is a foundation for groups of people or individuals who have not been so lucky in life and need financial support that they do not receive.

We planned to launch the overall Infinit Foundation project in the Q3 of 2022, but due to the current situation in Ukraine, we decided to change our roadmap and postpone the Infinit Foundation project to the current period so that we could get involved in helping people from Ukraine through the NFT fundraising.


NFT for help

Yes, it's that simple. By minting our NFT, the entire amount goes to the public Ukrainian ETH address to help those in need.

We believe that the whole NFT community is full of people who want to help, and that is why we decided to fundraise through the NFT collection.
You can mint an unlimited number per wallet, it just depends on you how much you want to contribute. Of course, each holder will receive a Ukraine NFT to their wallet.

1 NFT = 0,01 ETH
10 000 NFTs

NFT collection

For Ukraine

Since we operate in the NFT world, it will be the same with our Infinit Foundation.
We have created our first NFT collection, in which there will be 10,000 NFTs with a price of 0.01 ETH so as many people as possible can join the fundraising. The number of NFTs per wallet will not be limited when buying.

In this way, anyone with the amount of whatever they want to contribute can join the fundraising.


Official Ukraine's address



We have a smart contract for ETH transactions set up directly at the ETH address of Ukraine, which was published by the Ukrainian government on its Twitter account.

This means that 100% of the amount sold by each NFT goes immediately to the address of the Ukrainian ETH wallet for help and support.

And because we are on the blockchain, everyone can verify it for themselves. Check our contract and github code.



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Digital sign of assistance

We are accustomed to buying from different people on a street crayons, ribbons, roses to help various collections that help fight disease, poverty, disasters, and much more. We will take away the symbol and the memory that we helped a good cause. Therefore, NFT is something like a digital ribbon that will remind you of a good deed you have done.

Help with NFT